Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fantasy River

There is an wonderful show underway at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York. Federico Uribe’s, Fantasy River is a whimsical interpretation of a three-dimensional riverscape. Both flora and fauna are made from everyday objects such as pencils, shoelaces, gloves, coins and screws. Uribe gives back to Nature what was taken from her as he creates trees from books and animals from leather shoes and other objects. 

If you’re in Yonkers, I recommend you stop by for a visit and if Yonkers happens to be a bit out of the way, here is a link to the museum's exhibit page containing two videos featuring the artist and his work,

 A ram created from electrical wire, a hippo from computer keys, and in the background, a leopard made of sneakers and a zebra made out of pencils.

Lizard, tiger and tree made of books.

Cougar made from bullet shells.

 A field of shovels and I'm not sure about the sun...